Manual spray guns

The new plan vibrating, vibration control, combined with the new dip tube allows all types of fluidized powder.

By simply turning a knob on the controller, you can easily switch from work mode to higher energy than that for repainting.

Every detail of the equipment of the Series 2000 is not due to chance, but arises from the pursuit of detail, as the new holder for pickup designed especially for easy color change, the new telescopic carriage, which reduces the clutter of ‘equipment in order to facilitate transport operations.

Each unit can be supplied in versions CROWN, with power straight from the box or container with TRIBOPOLVERI.

The stainless steel container can easily accommodate about two boxes of powder.

The fluidized bed 8 mm thick together with a suitably sized air plenum beneath the container allows fast fluidized large amounts of dust.

The cleaning of the container is cylindrical in shape and facilitated by the possibility of removing the tank into three parts.