Double diaphragm pumps


Pompa a liquido - B 24

The 24 B pumps are coating systems reliable and simple to install and use: a convenient and comprehensive package for spray application of high quality spray pressure (SSP). They allow you to eliminate wasted time caused by cleaning and filling, which characterize the use of pressure vessels, significantly improving the productivity of the painting phase.

Areas of application: painting the furniture and objects made ​​of plastic and metal industrial body, automotive, aerospace and marine. The liquid flow regulator facilitates the implementation of products with high viscosity, the circulation speeds up the color change and cleaning, the high capacity of the pump allows the use even at low pressures, very low noise and without risks stalemate.


Pompa a doppia membrana - B24ZINC

Similar to B but with 24 line stainless steel filter, solid truck with built-in wall bracket and inflatable wheels, pneumatic agitator with support and speed regulator and hose special anti-solvent ultra resistant product. Ideal in combination with a spray gun to move product in stainless steel, BRP Series steel, nozzle diameter 1.9, 2.2 and 2.5 mm. The high capacity of the pump associated with the large diameter of the pipe product maintain the flow of the material constant, even with the large nozzle diameters required for the application of these paints. The agitator tire maintains the product in suspension, preventing the formation of deposits on the bottom of the container.