Cab Manual powders to lose

Distribution and dust recovery tanks complete with vibrating sieves to form super-compact

Booth for applying powder coatings with a front opening and work plan to grill:

  • Total floor opening versions
  • Construction of the cabin in galvanized powder coated
  • Dimensions according to the real operational needs and not restricted to standard sizes
  • Thanks to the provisioning of a system of filtering and re-emission into the air does not require removal of chimneys
  • Not requiring chimneys is easy to install in any situation of space
  • Booth size and compact single block
  • Installation requires only a power outlet and air inlet
  • Grilled easily removable filters placed between the seat and paint with the function of a greater distribution of air intake and pre-abatement dust
  • Self-cleaning cartridge filters
  • Equipped, on request, with wheels for easy movement
  • Reissue area environment through filters assuluti pocket
  • Dust collection bin with wheels to lose
  • Low noise <79dB

Cabina per applicazione vernici a polveri con apertura frontale e piano di lavoro a grigliato