Powder coating booth number CICLOMAX

Powder coating booth number CICLOMAX


  • Reservoir with powder screening device
  • Spray Gun
  • Transport unit push
  • Cyclone recovery device
  • Self-cleaning filter remaining dust
  • Residual dust container
  • Sound-proof exhaust fan
  • Nozzles for cleaning the bottom

The technology of spray booths CICLOMAX is the optimal system for powder coating company that makes paints in series. The powders are placed in a closed circuit and thus can be retrieved.

Circuit dust:

The powder coating is made ​​to flow from the tank (1) through the injector guns (2). The dust that is not sprayed on the workpiece are fixed recovery plant are sucked and will collect at the bottom, in a transport unit thrust flange (3). In this way the powder is made ​​gradually flow back into the tank (1) and at the same time carefully screened. In the case of color change, depending on the type of construction of the plant, the entire system is cleaned of recovery with the help of air jets also acts to remove the dust in the most difficult. Depending on your needs you may have the cab number CICLOMAX dust in the following variants:

  • a station manually
  • an automatic station
  • to a location and a manual with automatic sliding door
  • two computers for automatic and manual sliding door
  • Two automatic and two manual workstations with sliding doors