Pressurized Rooms

Pressurized systems that are produced according to customer needs,

TYPE A plant, equipment to remove dust inside the room, without a storage area.

TYPE B plant, equipment to remove dust inside the room, with storage area.

Basic Configuration

Complete installation Type A:

  • Combination of spray booth and room pressure
  • The spray booth can be water or dry
  • -Booths; description as cabins that ref.: Box 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Room-pressurized is connected to the spray booth

Room consists of the following basic components:

  • Side-walls, doors and top cover made of insulated panels painted with colors approved by the regulations.
  • Sliding doors for access, emergency doors, portholes with shatterproof glass.
  • Room lighting, distributed as needed.
  • -Pressurized structure, built with insulating panels, including the electric motor, double suction impeller, driven by belts, adjustable damper to control airflow.
  • -Structure plenum for air filters, positioned on the roof of the room, connected to the group of pressurized air entering the room.
  • Electric low-voltage control of the car.
  • Option-; susceptibility to heat the room by circulating hot water radiant in a special battery, or by the spread of hot air.

For Type B rooms to the above, plus any fume extractors for the storage area, to create a room with two sections of air, thereby obtaining a zone of pressurized paint and a second zone of drying paint always pressurized, room type “B”.

Note: Room Type “B” minimum length mm. 7,000.



  • The operator places the piece in front of the cab to be painted, the paint will proceed manually, directing the spray paint to the front of the cab.
  • Part of the paint finish on the piece, the paint will end up in the air.
  • The paint remains in the air will be drawn from the cab, is countered by the filters or other systems located on the cab.
  • -In case of Type A room without a storage area, the operator can not long remain in the room, because of paint fumes.
  • -In case of Type B room with storage area, in this case, the operator places the painted pieces behind him, in the storage area, the operator can remain in the room, in their workplace and continue to painting without interruption and without breathing the fumes / gases paint.