Sandblasting Beta Model


Practical, economical, designed to perform sandblasting without dust. Equipped with semi-automatic filter cleaning system. The electrical device coupled to recovery of the abrasive blasting system allows tire pressure to obtain a good yield and a low consumption of compressed air

Thanks to the multiple adjustment options, Beta is particularly suitable for ship maintenance, cleaning graffiti on walls, restoration of parts of marble or wood, or for the preparation of metals for painting, paint stripping generally, decorations and writings on glass surfaces , marble. ceramics and plastics.

Technical data:

  • PHASE POWER 1.1 kW – 220V 50Hz
  • AIR SUPPLY REQUIRED minimum 700 l / min 4 bar pressure
  • up to 1,200 l / min Pressure: 8 bar
  • RECOMMENDED ABRASIVE glass beads, aluminum oxide, walnut shell ground