During ten years of our working in the Sandblasting and Painting sectors, we have been able to create successfully plants of great importance.

Since our foundation, the Antonio Cimenes has been offering our costumers a wide range of goods, made by highly specialized and cutting edge marks.

We are engaged in many fields and in the most important industrial sectors such as aeronautics, car industry, general carpentry and industrial bodywork.

Our firm is organized in two sections, a Technical one and a Business one.

The former deals with assistance and design, thanks to efficient specialized technicians, ready to provide a complete and timely day-care.

The latter deals with coordination, research and supply of the most suitable goods for our costumer’s needs.

Our collaboration with engineering and design studies has enabled us to give rice to a group of professionals and technicians capable to coordinate efficiently both the planning and executive stages.

Our aim: the achievement of our costumer’s biggest satisfaction, through the use of technically innovative and personal global solutions, and through the supply of technological high-quality, extremely functional and integrated goods.

The myriad of services we offer to our costumers is the result of a long specific intervention experience in the sectors aforesaid, which makes us an essential and reliable partner.